Neodata Ltd. was founded in 2011 and has specialized in low voltage networks designing and construction.

Neodata Ltd. is the project performer in the area of low-voltage systems and networks construction for different purposes. The staff of the company, having a long-term experience and qualification in network construction (both internal, and external), using modern technologies, carry out all cycle of works including audit of existing systems (if it is necessary), ensure execution of project documentation, works out and issues all of necessary executive documentation.

The company provides high-quality services for maintenance, supervision and modernization of networks and systems upon customer needs.

Neodata Ltd. in accordance with concluded contracts executes the constant technical monitoring for the external telecommunication networks for the Neodata customers as well as repairing of networks in case of accident.

Main services provided by Neodata Ltd. are as follow:

  • Telecommunication Networks Construction;
  • Designing of Cable System;
  • Supervision, Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair of telecommunication networks;
  • Sales of Low Voltage Networks materials, equipment, hardware and tools;
  • Manufacturing of Optical Components (patch cords and pigtails).

The company has all the necessary technological equipment and highly qualified specialists which allow us to perform high quality services in agreed terms.

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