„Neodata” Ltd. carries out projects relating to communication networks engineering, performing trenching as well as full complex of operational works starting with execution of building permission till full implementation of construction object.

We perform underground cabling as well as cable duct construction works both using 100mm cable protection pipes and cable duct system construction using 40 mm HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipes with special internal coating, which is sharply reducing friction factor at laying of a cable, and optical cable installation by using a method of blowing. Customer receives underground duct system which is extremely effective against accidental damage occurring due to uncoordinated excavation works. This system allows quickly replace existing cables or put new cables using blow-in method.

We also offer daily technical supervision and repair services of cable networks. „Neodata” Ltd. has all the necessary construction and technological equipment to perform full cycle of construction works:

  • Construction works (excavators, forklifts, trucks, trench-less construction equipment, etc.);
  • Cable blowing (specialized compressors, installation of cables by blow-in method);
  • Cable ducts installation into the traditional system;
  • Cable suspension over electricity lines or railway contact pillars;
  • Assembly of optical communications lines (high-class technological equipment for optic fibres welding and measuring equipment for optical fibres testing);
  • Assembly of copper cable lines (special technological equipment for installation of copper cables and measuring equipment for testing).


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