3214Our company manufactures optical patch cables and pigtails according to international standards. The manufacturing plant has been fully equipped with all necessary tools for assembly and testing of our production.

Upon customer order we can produce any length of simplex and duplex optical patch cords with necessary connectors ((SC/PC SM; SC/PC MM; ST/PC SM; ST/PC MM; FC/PC SM; FC/PC MM; LC/PC SM; LC/PC MM).

We either offer patch cables and pigtails from the world’s leading manufacturers with other type of connectors: SC/APC; FC/APC; MTRJ; SMA; MU; E2000.

At our manufacturing site you can order assembly of connectors of multifilament fibre (2−24 fibres) cables.

Also we offer production of optical patch cord with special protective tube in a diameter of 7; 10; 12; 16; 20; 25; 32 mm.

We provide repair and diagnostics services for optical patch cords.

We can do installation and assembly of optical components using customer’s materials too.

Standard production of our company is available at out warehouse located in Riga.

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